What the experts are saying about the MollyQ:

University of Glasgow

The instrument has the capacity for high performance pre-clinical drug discovery studies.”

University of Massachusetts

This technology allows one to assess brain penetrance, pharmacokinetics, and dose occupancy of new CNS drugs.

Welcome to NeuroPhysics Corporation
We are your source for affordable, innovative molecular imaging systems for studying the behavior and effects of drugs in live animals* for rapid and effective drug development.

For decades scientists have looked forward to routine use of molecular imaging for quantifying drug effects. MollyQ™ brings you a big step closer to that inevitable reality. MollyQ™ is a unique system that is:
More affordable than all other SPECT/PET imaging systems – some models cost less than $200K.

Provides quantitative results on live animals – an alternative to autoradiography and fluoroscopy.

Fits on a desktop making quantitative in-vivo imaging accessible to all scientists.

We would be delighted to discuss with you the unique characteristics of our scanning microscope technology and how it might meet your needs.

Please contact
Dr. Hugh A. Stoddart

*Systems using the same technology for human brain imaging can be found at www.neurologica.com